A Snowed-In Southerner’s Response to Northern Critics

Simply SarahRuth


 At least twice I day I get polled by a passerby with the question, “Where are you from?”  The question isn’t based out of politeness, but instead a direct reaction to my thick, Southern accent.  I never encountered this before I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina- a cultural melting pot filled with Asians, African, Indians and, yes, the snow veterans that are Northerners.

I don’t get mad about the assumptions that in light of my obvious twang, I must be slightly remedial and, more likely than not, am without indoor plumbing; I get it.  I speak slower, I have a closet full of bizarre home-remedies and I can quote the movie Steel Magnolias by heart – unprompted.  To the outside world, Southerners appear to be odd, American aboriginals that live only in accordance to the Bible, Jack Daniels, and the lyrics to Boot-Scoot-Boogie.  So when we flee to…

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Waiting for Spring


I am really a winter person at heart but my husband gets REALLY grumpy when we have frozen/busted water pipes and LONG lines at the local Walmart! So ….. with that being said; I’m kinda looking forward to spring myself. I’m ready to play in my garden and do some hiking! I guess I’m just getting soft in my old age??