Postponing Our Winter Hike

The count down was on! Four more days until we marched to Springer Mountain via FS Rd 42 to complete our remaining miles of the GA section of the Benton MacKaye Trail. We had originally planned to hike the last week of February.With some excellent weather, spring like days, and some time on our hands, we were struck by Cabin Fever! We moved the date up and planned to begin our little trek on Saturday, Feb 13th.

The days started to grow colder right after our decision was made. I began to watch the weather forecast for Dahlonega, GA and Blue Ridge, GA both are towns that we will be near while finishing out our hike. Yeah, the days were getting colder but still manageable by my standards. We all know the saying for weather here in the south “if you don’t like the weather just give it a minute.” Well, I gave it a little more than a minute and things have not gone the way of being in my favor.

After checking once again this afternoon, it appears that the overnight lows (and the daily highs) are progressively becoming colder. With the low of 11 degrees on Saturday night for Blue Ridge, GA, I caved. With a high being forecasted for the low to mid 30’s, I made an executive decision 😉 to postpone the trip. Though I was really excited about doing a winter hike along the Benton Mackay Trail, with temps in this range it didn’t seem like so much fun anymore.

So all of my, excitement, packing, planning, reading, and studying has suddenly ceased. Now I feel kinda depressed and at a loss as what to do with my time now. I guess that i will move along to the next project on my list. No lack of things to do here, just have to switch gears and point my compass in a new direction. I will get this hike scheduled again for the end of the month and cross my fingers that the weather will cooperate at least a little better. Until then …. Happy Trails!