An October Morning:


Nothing is better than waking up early and jumping on my mountain bike. I wanted to  breath in the crisp autumn air as I witness the beautiful sunrise across the farm. I don’t do mornings very well so I was feeling especially good when I awoke to the  darkness just before the dawn. I got dressed and headed for the door. A hint of light was beginning to peak through. It was cool but not cold. My mind began to clear and my legs developed a smooth rhythm with my wheels as I peddled up the hill to catch a fabulous few of the pond. “I should do this more often” I thought to myself. I rounded the bend to head into the open field. Here I would catch the cool breeze in my hair and feel it on my face. Wait, something doesn’t feel right. My reliable Trek mountain bike began to slow and it became harder to peddle. Ut ohhh … no wait, it can’t be?! Yep.

I knew that I was never meant to be a morning person. I savored the fleeting moment as I began to slowly make my way back to the house. Maybe I’ll just go back to bed ……