Sleeping Soundly in a Survival Situation: How to Make a Bed in the Wild



By Josh

We’ve talked about the dangers of sleep deprivation before, so how do you get some sleep when you’re stuck in the wilderness without a comfortable bed to rest on? You make one of course! Of course knowing how to make it just right can improve the quality of sleep you’ll get, so lets look at what makes a good wilderness bed.

What materials you’ll need and how to use them

There are two main components to the bed, just like in the one you rest on back home: a mattress and a frame. The frame gives support and structure to the mattress, and it also helps keep you off of the ground, keeps you warmer and protects you somewhat from snakes and other creepy crawlies. The mattress gives you something soft to lie on, and if possible it might also be able to retain some heat and keep…

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